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Controller cover for Meta Quest 3 | KIWI DESIGN

SKU: Q1 PRO-2U/WBlack/HJT-485

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Етикети: META QUEST 3

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Discover a new dimension of comfort and protection for your Meta Quest 3 controllers with the soft and comfortable covers from KIWI DESIGN!

Product features:

✅ Soft and comfortable grip: The comfortable grip for the Quest 3 controller is made of soft silicone material, ensuring that you can hold the controller for long periods of time without feeling fatigue or discomfort.

Excellent controller protection: The specially designed grips are designed to prevent controllers from being accidentally ejected during gameplay. Their tailored design effectively protects controllers from scratches and dirt.

User-friendly design: Thanks to the textured grip, friction is increased, which eliminates controllers from slipping during use for better control. In addition, a reserved tracking hole ensures that no tracking signals are blocked.

Perfectly adjustable: Using a Velcro strap with a metal buckle, the wrist strap is adjustable to accommodate different hand sizes. The swivel system allows you to gently adjust the angle according to the size of your hand or the action in the game, making your hand movements smoother.

Easy to install and remove: The one-piece design of the grips makes them easy to put on and take off. You can do this seamlessly whenever you need to, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly. With this product you will not only gain comfort, but also excellent protection for your controllers.

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Controller cover for Meta Quest 3 | KIWI DESIGN - Vortex Virtual Reality