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Magnetic Anti-Blue Lens | for Meta Quest 3


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Етикети: META QUEST 3

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Magnetic lenses with a filter against blue light for Meta Quest 3 goggles

A product designed to protect your eyes from long-term damage. They also have a partial shading function that benefits your playing comfort - protects against fatigue.

Effectively reduces fatigue when wearing the glasses and provides a comfortable visual experience. The degree of blue light blocking varies between 17% and 25%, significantly reducing eye damage.

Gives better durability and protection to the original lenses of your Meta Quest 3 goggles. The resin lens is impact resistant.

✅ Comfort and convenience: The lens is durable, thin and easy to clean; its thickness is adjusted so that it does not touch the nose and cheeks. Thanks to the magnetic elements incorporated into the frames installation and removal is extremely easy.

Frame made of plastic, lens made of resin

✅ Frame colour: black

✅ Weight: 15 g (2 pcs)

Package contains: pair of lenses (2 pcs), 1 pcs. Microfibre cloth.


We also have on order , spectacle lenses from -0.5 to -7.0 diopters, with 0.5 increments, with or without blue light blocking.

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Magnetic Anti - Blue Lens | for Meta Quest 3 - Vortex Virtual Reality